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    Luzhong Huiyuan Food and Beverage Co., Ltd. belongs to the subsidiariy of Beijing Huiyuan Juice Group. Our company used MBBR aerobic treatment process to deal with the old factory production wastewater in 2007.The treated effluent achieved emission requirements in key protected area of “The South-to-north Water Diversion Project in Shandong Province Integrated along the Water Pollutant Discharge Standard”(DB371599-2006).As whole plant relocation in 2010, we used "EGSB + MBBR aerobic + advanced treatment" technology to deal with the factory production wastewater .Its daily treatment capacity is 4000m3. Water CODcr by 3000 mg/L reduced to 40 mg/L, final effluent water quality reached” The Surface Water Environment Quality Standard”(GB3838-2002) in Ⅴ class discharge standard. The project was founded in November 2010, completed and accepted in September 2011.
    At present, our company has undertaken more than 20 the Beijing huiyuan group sewage treatment projects, including: Pingyi huiyuan food &beverage co., LTD, Hebei Yizhong huiyuan food &beverage co., LTD, Shanxi yangling huiyuan food &beverage co., LTD, Ningxia huiyuan food &beverage co., LTD, Harbin shuangcheng huiyuan food &beverage co., LTD., etc. They have been achieved the desired effect of treatment.